Welcome to the Rosemeow Collective Blog!

Living in Paris is like falling in love. In the beginning you are intoxicated by the gold flourishes of the Opéra Garnier, infatuated with the masterpieces of the Louvre. The Eiffel tower glittering on the hour every hour after dark is a beacon leading you to moonlit picnics on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin. You spend every waking moment in the arms of the city, whispering, “je t’aime” and floating on a cloud. At least that’s how it was for me. Those  wonderful initial feelings never really fade, not with the bitter cold rain in autumn or the métro strikes when you’re late for class. You learn to fight back and not take things so personally. You learn that your relationship needs to evolve, and thus you dig deeper. However, it seems the longer you live in Paris the more blasé you become. The Arc de Triomphe is at times only a reminder that you are tired and walking uphill, but when you finally make it there the carved-in-stone stories of victory set against the sun persuade you to move forward and to listen, to be patient and to be grateful. Paris is dimensional, it is not just what you dream it to be, it is much more.

Our goal for the Rosemeow Collective Blog is to explore the many facets of life as an amateur Parisian.  In our submissions I aim to concentrate on the restauration of historic buildings and monuments as well as cultural events and art exhibitions. Rosemeow Collective members will use this blog to explore Parisian society, French slang, children’s activities and Paris’s many art galleries as well as personal projects.

Expect more detailed weekly articles and daily twitter recommendations.

Merci beaucoup et à la prochaine!




Palais Garnier

Notre Dame