About the Rosemeow Collective

Who we are:

The Rosemeow Collective is a community of historians, artists and writers who share a common love for the city of Paris. Our mutual appreciation of this city is what defines us, inspires us and unites us. We use Paris as our resource for personal reflection and professional research.

What we do: “The walking exhibition”

Paris is often described as a museum; with its abundance of incredible art, architecture, parks and history  there is no wonder why. The Rosemeow Collective creates thematic walks around Paris according to the idea that the city and everything in it is available to us for our “exhibitions”. Our role is to curate these shows and put them into motion for our guests.

Our goal: From tourist to patron of the arts

Our walks are a way to transform the tourism industry. Your support of the Rosemeow Collective benefits our members as well as the artists from whom we commission work. You will walk away from every exhibition with a limited-edition work of art from our Parisian community – now that ain’t bad! 100% of our proceeds are directed toward the creation of new art/history/literature  in Paris, so that we may contribute to the vast cultural wealth of the city we love!